Dankeliux AKA Dan is a contestant on Survivor Madagascar.


Name: Danielius (Dan)

Age: 18

Current residence: Lithuania

Hobbies: Video games, TV shows, reading, hanging out with friends.

Pet peeves: ORGs - Inactives, goats, crazy people. IRL - people who don't laugh at my crappy jokes, people who can't talk seriously.

3 words to describe you: Competitive, funny, strategic.

Why you think you will win: I won't overplay. I will socialize with people, be mediocre in challenges and just work my way through premerge. When the merge hits I will have some trustworthy people. Alliances means absolutely nothing in this game, but if you are liked by someone, then it's extra hard to vote you out. Being social is the key to the victory. (Jk I will be a snake and second merge boot)

Voting History


  • Dan is the first castaway from Lithuania.