DireRaven AKA Raven is a contestant on Survivor Bahamas.


Name: Raven

Current residence: Portallini

Hobbies: Singing, Doing Nothing, Sleeping, Eating, Gaming

Pet peeves: Nails scratching a blackboard, scratching denim, air bubbles in a screen protector

3 words to describe you: Perfection Potato Lover

Why you think you will win: I have the physical and mental durability and ability to endure the tiring challenges we are presented with. Additionally, I am perfection.

Voting History

Raven's Voting History
Episode Raven's Vote Votes Against Raven
1 Adam -
2 Andros Tribe Immune
3 Andros Tribe Immune
4 Andros Tribe Immune
5 Andros Tribe Immune
6 Andros Tribe Immune
7 Dwight -
8 Raven Dwight, Fly, Green, Muff, Raven, Scott
Voted Out, Day 24
Voted for

Sole Survivor



  • Raven is the first castaway from Pakistan.
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