Gato is a contestant on Survivor Bahamas.


Name: Gato

Current residence: Mexico

Hobbies: Drawing, Running, Wasting time on the internet and leaving people deaf (singing)

Pet peeves: Hypocrites, and increased ego people

3 words to describe you: A pure contradiction

Why you think you will win: I think I can win because I know what's the game about and I can position myself in places were I can safely last until is the perfect time to attack

Voting History

Gato's Voting History
Episode Gato's Vote Votes Against Gato
1 Adam -
2 Andros Tribe Immune
3 Andros Tribe Immune
4 Andros Tribe Immune
5 Andros Tribe Immune
6 Andros Tribe Immune
7 Omega -
8 Green -
9 Green Dwight, Fly, Green, Muff
Voted Out, Day 27
Voted for

Sole Survivor



  • Gato is the first castaway from Mexico.
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