Greenviceroy AKA Green is a contestant on Survivor Bahamas. During Survivor Bahamas, Green proved himself to be a skilled strategist, managing to turn multiple votes around to save his allies and himself. When his closest ally got evacuated, Green's path to the end became considerable harder, and he fell just short of winning.


Name: Green

Current residence: Missouri, USA

Hobbies: Minecraft, TWG, Biking, Creek Fishing

Pet peeves: Being voted out, being underestimated, anime, my siblings being annoying

3 words to describe you: determined, hard-working, intellectual

Why you think you will win: I think I'm going to win because I am determined and confident in my abilities. I'm willing and ready to put forth much more than the bare minimum amount of effort in order to win this. Not to mention I have a lot of free time to do challenges.

Voting History

Green's Voting History
Episode Green's Vote Votes Against Green
1 Nassau Tribe Immune
2 Sky -
3 Zuki -
4 Chieko Chieko
5 Johnny -
6 No Vote
7 Omega -
8 Raven Gato
9 Gato Gato, Scott
10 No Tribal Council
11 Scott Scott
12 Ineligible Dwight
Voted Out, Day 35
Voted for

Sole Survivor



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