He's a Cocky Boy is the ninth episode of Survivor Bahamas.


Reward Challenge: Slide Puzzle

Castaways must complete a slide puzzle of the season logo. Whoever finishes the fastest will win an advantage in the immunity challenge.

Winner: Fly

Immunity Challenge: Endurance

Castaways will have to post checkpoints in a specific channel once every 60 minutes. Once a castaway's "chain" of checkpoints ends, they are eliminated. They are allowed to miss up to one checkpoint without being eliminated. Whoever creates the longest chain of checkpoints wins immunity.

Winner: Scott

Tribal Council

Still in the Running

AdamS1Gone ChiekoS1Gone DwightS1 GatoS1Gone MuffS1 RavenS1Gone ScottS1
Adam Chieko Dwight Gato Muff Raven Scott
DannyS1Gone FlyS1 GreenS1 JohnnyS1Gone OmegaS1Gone SkyS1Gone ZukiS1Gone
Danny Fly Green Johnny Omega Sky Zuki