I'll Keep on Fighting is the tenth episode of Survivor Bahamas.


Reward Challenge: Typing Challenge

Castaways will complete a Typing Challenge. Whoever can type all 52 words the fastest will win a reward in the next immunity challenge.

Winner: Green

Immunity Challenge: Snail Bob

Castaways will have to play the puzzle platformer Snail Bob. They will have to control a snail through 20 levels receiving points for how quickly they move through the level. Whoever has the highest score will win immunity.

Winner: Green

Tribal Council

Still in the Running

AdamS1Gone ChiekoS1Gone DwightS1 GatoS1Gone MuffS1Gone RavenS1Gone ScottS1
Adam Chieko Dwight Gato Muff Raven Scott
DannyS1Gone FlyS1 GreenS1 JohnnyS1Gone OmegaS1Gone SkyS1Gone ZukiS1Gone
Danny Fly Green Johnny Omega Sky Zuki