Juror8 AKA Davis is a contestant on Survivor Madagascar.


Name: Davis

Age: 18

Current residence: Georgia, United States

Hobbies: Watching Films from the Golden Age of Hollywood, Reading and Writing Creative Fiction

Pet peeves: Self-Righteous Individuals, Entitlement

3 words to describe you: Dedicated, Loyal, and Intuitive

Why you think you will win: I think the key to success is being an all-around enjoyable presence, while maintaining low expectations and a low profile. If people perceive me to be a clueless, controllable vote, they're more likely to keep me around. Survivor is a social game more than anything, so it's not pivotal that I make tons of maverick moves, I just need to survive to the end, and have formed strong enough connections with the majority of jurors. My competitors can get busy trying to tear each other to shreds with massive blindsides, I'm just concerned with getting to know each person as intimately as possible, and ensuring that they leave the game with the highest opinion of me possible, which I think will ultimately result in a victory.

Voting History