MuffledSilence AKA Muff is a contestant on Survivor Bahamas. For most of the game, Muff worked very closely with Green. However, in the finishing stretch a sudden lack of activity caused Muff to become the first castaway to be evacuated from the game.


Name: Muff

Current residence: Virginia, USA

Hobbies: Mathematics, Programming, Computer Science, Yo-yo, and Creative Writing

Pet peeves: Meaningless apologises, depreciation of the value of knowledge, and usage of the word, "f***" as a synonym for sex.

3 words to describe you: Keen, Aberrational, and Tired

Why you think you will win: I am good at most things inherently. I bet I can be the best if I try. We will see.

Voting History

Muff's Voting History
Episode Muff's Vote Votes Against Muff
1 Adam -
2 Andros Tribe Immune
3 Andros Tribe Immune
4 Chieko -
5 Johnny Johnny
6 No Vote
7 Omega Omega
8 Raven Immune
9 Gato -
10 No Tribal Council
Evacuated, Day 29
Voted for

Sole Survivor



  • Muff, along with Adam, Danny, Dwight, and Green, is the first contestant from USA.
  • Muff, along with Chieko, is the first castaway to mutiny from their tribe.
  • Muff is the only castaway on Survivor Bahamas to be a member of all 3 tribes.
    • Scott visited Nassau beach when he was kidnapped, but he was never part of Nassau.
  • Muff was the first castaway to be evacuated due to inactivity.
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