Nightkilla AKA Dwight is a contestant on Survivor Bahamas.

On Day 1, Dwight made outlandish claims that he was the best Survivor player of all time. As time went on, he began to prove himself. Throughout the game he orchestrated blindsides and won challenges, all while never being seriously considered for elimination. However, his gameplay proved to be too subtle, and he lost to Fly at the end.


Name: Dwight K. Schrute

Current residence: Scranton, Pennsylvania

Hobbies: I am a volunteer sheriff's deputy, and I have a purple belt in Goju-Ryu karate.

Pet peeves: Lazy people, vegetarians

3 words to describe you: Assistant Regional Manager

Why you think you will win: I am literally built for this game. There is no one who is more perfectly suited for this game than I. I don't just think I will win, I know I will win.

Voting History

Dwight's Voting History
Episode Dwight's Vote Votes Against Dwight
1 Chieko Chieko
2 Andros Tribe Immune
3 Andros Tribe Immune
4 Andros Tribe Immune
5 Andros Tribe Immune
6 Andros Tribe Immune
7 Omega Raven
8 Raven -
9 Gato -
10 No Tribal Council
11 Scott Immune
12 Green Immune
Jury Votes Muff, Scott
Runner-Up, Day 36


  • Dwight, along with Adam, Danny, Green, and Muff, is the first castaway from America.
  • Dwight named the Bimini tribe.
  • Dwight is the highest placing member of the Andros tribe.
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