Skylark89 AKA Sky is a contestant on Survivor Bahamas.


Name: Sky

Current residence: Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom

Hobbies: Music, football, gaming, living.

Pet peeves: People not being straightforward, Inability to socialise, people contradicting themselves.

3 words to describe you: Polish, British, Competitive

Why you think you will win: I think I'll win because I am a person who manages to keep a solid bond with most people due to my unusual kindness and unusual approach to things. I tend to aim low and lie low, to reduce threat levels and also put maximum effort to everything I do, even if I know a challenge is lost before it has started.

Voting History

Sky's Voting History
Episode Sky's Vote Votes Against Sky
1 Nassau Tribe Immune
2 Sky Danny, Fly, Green, Omega, Sky, Zuki
Voted Out, Day 6


  • Sky, along with Fly, is the first castaway from the United Kingdom..
  • Sky is also the first British castaway to be voted out.
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