SupremePizza AKA Danny is a contestant on Survivor Bahamas. In the early days of the game, Danny ruled over the Nassau tribe. However, he grew uninterested in the game, resulting in his quit the day before the merge.


Name: Danny

Current residence: USA

Hobbies: Homework, observe YouTube videos, gaming, tennis (when there’s equipment).

Pet peeves: Homework, Strict teachers, snobby people, essays.

3 words to describe you: Intelligent, Thinker, Somewhat Serious

Why you think you will win: I think I will win because I like to strategize. Maybe I didn’t do that much on MG and I relied too much on an user, but now, I like to be independent while still keeping an alliance or two. I do well on challenges and by spending time with these recurring people, I know how they are in this game. Sadly, the situation with Kief and Joey at MG, and the fact that I won ruins my chances of winning, but maybe I might still have a chance. I mean, if Lore managed to win twice, maybe I can win again.

Voting History

Danny's Voting History
Episode Danny's Vote Votes Against Danny
1 Nassau Tribe Immune
2 Sky -
3 Zuki -
4 Chieko -
5 Johnny -
6 No Vote
Quit, Day 18


  • Danny, along with Adam, Dwight, Green, and Muff, is the first castaway from America.
  • Danny is the first castaway to quit.
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