Tsukada Chieko AKA Chieko is a contestant on Survivor Bahamas. An quiet player, Chieko surprised everyone when she decided to mutiny from her tribe. Unfortunately, her new tribe was not welcoming, leading to her early elimination.


Name: Chieko

Current residence: My house

Hobbies: Drawing, singing and painting

Pet peeves: Biting my nails, when I get really hungry, noisy people

3 words to describe you: Quiet, Calm and Creative

Why you think you will win: Actually, it depends. It's not like I want to achieve a perfect game or something, so mostly that I could manually progress into the game without any further ado.

Voting History

Chieko's Voting History
Episode Chieko's Vote Votes Against Chieko
1 Dwight Adam, Dwight
2 Andros Tribe Immune
3 Andros Tribe Immune
4 Green Danny, Fly, Green, Johnny,

Muff, Omega

Voted Out, Day 12


  • Chieko, along with Muff, is the first castaway to mutiny from their tribe.
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