Voting the Threats First is the eighth episode of Survivor Bahamas.


Reward Challenge: Touchy Subjects

Castaways must fill out a 20 question survey with the names of the Final 7. The castaway with the questionnaire most similar to the rest of the tribe will win a clue to the hidden immunity idol.

Winners: Fly and Scott (tie)

Immunity Challenge: Higher or Lower

Castaways will play the game Higher or Lower. In this game, they will be faced with two google search terms, and they will have to correctly identify which one was searched more often. The castaway with the highest streak of correct answers wins immunity.

Winner: Muff

Tribal Council

Still in the Running

AdamS1Gone ChiekoS1Gone DwightS1 GatoS1 MuffS1 RavenS1Gone ScottS1
Adam Chieko Dwight Gato Muff Raven Scott
DannyS1Gone FlyS1 GreenS1 JohnnyS1Gone OmegaS1Gone SkyS1Gone ZukiS1Gone
Danny Fly Green Johnny Omega Sky Zuki